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Using Blend Frend is easy!

Bish! Bash! Bosh!

Step 1

Cut the back and sides (3mm) leaving a visible line around the head

Step 2

Comb up the head and remove the hair that is coming through

Step 3

Repeat around the head until the line is gone and hair is blended

That's it!

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Why you should have a Blend Frend™

Save Money

No need to pay for your haircut


Easy to use - no experience required


Create the same blend every time

Save Time

No need to waste time at the barbers


Have your hair cut anytime, anywhere


Works with any clipper brand

Get Yours

Blend Frend™ is compatible with all clipper brands

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The Story So Far...

"Hi! I'm Joe, the inventor of the BLEND FREND™, the world's first blending tool for short hair. I have been a barber for over 20 years and I did my very first haircut at the tender age of 13, which made me realise the passion I had for mastering the skill of blending. This was before the days of Youtube and the internet! I taught myself the art of blending hair and mastered this skill over the last 20 years and always thought there should be an easier way to achieve this.

It was during the pandemic when my hair salon was closed, that I realised more than ever that ordinary people struggled to master this skill of blending hair, so I set out on a mission to create a tool that would help the masses to blend hair without ever having to master the skill!

After the initial idea I spent the next two years designing, developing and testing various prototypes. 54 prototypes later, the Blend Frend™ was created. The Blend Frend’s™ unique design is patented and UK manufactured, easy to use and affordable tool for anyone, regardless of your skill level or experience, allowing you to instantly blend hair like a professional.


Common Questions:

This is a grade 1 (3mm), designed to blend in grade 1 to longer hair.

We are currently testing different products and will be releasing more products in the near future.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

We would love to speak to distributors. If you're interested, contact us through the distribution form.